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Travel Hat:
  • Ultra lightweight & packable
  • Compact crushable brim
  • Thin & breathable to stay cool
  • Machine washable & fast drying
  • Fits easily under helmets
  • Swap different graphic patches
  • FAQ's below 👇

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each Flight Cap (both colors/styles) will be:

  • Super Early Bird Price: $39 USD*
  • Early Bird Price: $47 USD*
  • Future Retail Price: $69 USD*

* These are approximate conversions from Canadian dollars, but I've chosen to list USD above, since it's the global currency that is most easily referenced and converted against.

Assuming funding is successful, I expect to have all Kickstarter backer rewards dropped into the postal system by the end September 2024. This means that all backers (even the furthest from Canada) should receive the Flight Cap by the end of October 2024.

Truth? I have high levels of confidence that it will be earlier, but I prefer to under-promise and over-deliver.

This is the first time I'm engaging with a manufacturing partner (as opposed to all the other products I've sold before which are made in-house at the workshop), so I want to ensure I can inspect every last Flight Cap for quality assurance.

Each Flight Cap will ship with the cap itself, as well as three PVC velcro-backed patches to swap depending on your preference:

  • Orange "MM Logo" patch
  • White "Ready for Takeoff" patch
  • Teal/Orange/White "Airport Codes" patch

For anyone who already purchased Series 001 - Warriors and/or Series 002 - Galactic, those patches will fit perfectly on the Flight Cap as well!

Kickstrater is a crowdfunding platform where people who want to launch a product (that's me in this case) set a funding goal and deadline to see if the public (that's you!), have enough interest to help bring the idea to life.

Since Kickstarter projects need the public's funding to get off the ground, project creators need to set clear expectations on when backers can expect to receive their backer rewards (see the second FAQ above).

In other words, Kickstarter is not truly a "pre-order", which, as a project backer, can feel risky. I've personally backed two campaigns, that never came to life (take what you will from it, but both were technology-related products) and I, along with all other backers, lost our money.

However, this is not my first rodeo. My friend Eric and I have had three previous successfully funded campaigns, and I have never failed to deliver on-time and as-promised, and I don't plan on breaking that flawless track record with the Flight Cap.

But don't just take my word for it. You can see those previous campaigns here, here, and here, and read the public comments from backers for yourself.

Maurice is a pretty average guy from Toronto, Canada who works in design/metal fabrication, as well as corporate video. He feels very strange talking about himself in third person but he's gone too far now, so...

In his free time, he makes YouTube videos about the tools and habits he experiments with that help him as he navigate this weird thing we call "life".

He also has to travel a ton for work, and it's during these frequent travels that the idea for the Flight Cap was born.