My Current Everyday Carry Kit (EDC)

My Current Everyday Carry Kit (EDC)

Last updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022

The most important things for us to pay attention to are the things we do and use every... single... day. Below is my current EDC setup - the things I use and carry with me daily to help me stay productive and prepared for anything work and leisure throw at me.

There are, in actuality, 3 EDC setups - my absolute base foundation, and then two branches with add-ons depending on which job I'm doing on any given day. But for this post, we're just talking about my core EDC.

Ethics Statement: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means if you use them and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. It's the easiest way to support my work! 🙏

The Base Foundation Everyday Carry:

Wallet: Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve

The Bellroy Card Sleeve is a tremendously slim minimalist wallet. I first started using the Navy Blue one in mid-2020 but switched over to the Terracotta colorway in September of 2022 because I felt it matched my general preference to earth-tones in my EDC.

It serves my needs perfectly when I'm in my hometown - I must carry 7 cards total and a bit of emergency cash and this Bellroy Card Sleeve super-slim wallet accommodates my needs while minimizing pocket-bulk. I keep my most used card in the front pocket, a few cash bills in the back pocket and the remaining 6 cards live in the main central pocket which features a handy pull-tab extractor to quickly and easily find whichever card I need.

I have literally zero complaints for my day-to-day use-cases, but when I travel, I need to carry a few additional cards and typically, a lot more cash so when I head out of town, I swap over to a slightly larger wallet. Check it out on Amazon here!

Keyring: SPEC-DNT

SPEC-DNT Keyring

I don't have a ridiculous amount of keys, but all of them anchor to my SPEC-DNT - an ultra short 5-day Kickstarter campaign my friend Eric and I did in 2020, initially designed to navigate frequently touched surfaces, but now, really just serves as a fun finger-spinning fidget toy. Eric and I make a limited batch twice a year and you can see if they're in stock here!

Phone: iPhone 13

Peak Design Phone Case and iPhone 13

Until December 2nd 2022, I used the 5-year-old iPhone XR protected by the MOUS case. But as of this edit posted on December 3 2022, I have changed to what's pictured above - the iPhone 13 in green and a PeakDesign mobile case.

Earbuds: Airpods Pro

AirPods Pro

I spend so much time on the phone, whether it's sales calls, client and team update meets, or speaking with leads. Because of this, I absolutely need to have hands-free capabilities so the Apple Airpod Pros are my go-tos. I also use them to listen to e-book or podcasts when I go on my hour-long walks at night. Find them on Amazon here!

Flashlight: Nitecore TUP1000

Nitecore TUP1000 Flashlight

My current EDC torch is the Nitecore TUP1000. It's a love-hate relationship. I love it because of its compact size, form-factor (square-barrelled so doesn't roll around), it's status screen that lets me know exactly how much illumination-time I have left at any of its power settings, and the easy to learn and remember user-interface. I hate that it's micro-usb rechargeable - almost everything else I own uses USB type-c. I also own the more powerful Nitecore T4K which does use USB type-c, but it's just about 25% larger and as you know from my wallet, I hate pocket-bulk more than I hate micro-usb, haha. Find it on Amazon here!

Pocket Knife: Benchmade M4 Bailout

Benchmade M4 Bailout

My tried-tested-and-true EDC blade is the Benchmade M4 Bailout. I personally love tanto blades and I prefer the green anodized aluminum scales to the flimsier scales of the much more popular Benchmade Bugout. This has been my true daily-use blade at home and at the workshop for just over two years. Sharpening is a bit more time-consuming, but hey... to me, sharpening my knives is like meditation so I don't mind. I typically sharpen it once every 2 months. Find it here on Amazon!

Wristwatch: Seiko SKX007 (modded)

Seiko SKX007 on green Nato Strap

Wristwatches are particularly important to me because I use watches to commemorate important moments in time. Every watch in my collection tells a specific story of hitting a milestone or of an important person in my life. That said, my most worn watch is still my first mechanical timepiece: the since discontinued Seiko SKX007. I did a very minimal modification from the original dive bezel insert to a 12-hour bezel insert to keep track of my home timezone when I'm travelling. I also swapped out the original bracelet with a seatbelt-style nato strap. If you like the aesthetics of the SKX, you may consider picking up the new SRPD55K from their Seiko 5 Sports line. Check out the new version on Amazon here!

Notebook: Travelers Company Regular Size

Travelers Company Notebook - Regular Size

My notebook. This is my lifeline. It should've been at the top of this list. I literally use my notebook more than I use my phone. It's the Travelers Company notebook in their 'regular' size (they also have a smaller 'passport' size), in their camel leather colorway. This is a true forever-item and the main benefit is that it is infinitely customizable with over 100 different notebook insert and accessories. A word to the wise: be sure to pick up a sleeve-pocket insert not only because it's useful, but also, because the notebook shell's design has an elastic-string knot against the back cover and just having a notebook insert against it makes writing on the last few pages annoying without an extra layer. Check it out here on Amazon for yourself!

Pens: Lamy Safari & The Superior Labor Clip

Lamy Safari Fountain Pens with Superior Labor Double Pen Clip

For my page-executions, I need two different colored inks to do the process and workflow diagrams I so often create during discovery and sales calls, as well as planning. I use two Lamy Safari fountain pens, both of which were from their 2021 Limited Edition drops called the Savannah Green and Terra Red colorways. They are both anchored to a dual pen clip by a company called The Superior Labor out of Japan. Unfortunately, because this clip is handmade by an independent workshop, they aren't readily available en-masse online. I recommend typing in "Superior Labor Pen Clip + *Your Country*" into Google and see what pops up! As for the Lamy Safari, they're available in tons of different colors on Amazon.

Sling Bag: Alpaka Elements Tech Case

Alpaka Elements Tech Case - XPAC21 - Green

If I wasn't such a crazy constant notebook user, I probably would've never started looking for slings, but I'm happy I did. They're so handy to really minimize pocket bulk, and especially during travel, they're now an absolute must. For my day-to-day life here in Toronto though, I use the Elements Tech Case by Alpaka. You should definitely watch this video to learn more, but the most interesting thing to me is that it wasn't designed to be a sling in the first place and yet it hits all my needs so perfectly (namely, able to accommodate by Travelers Notebook).

Alpaka's been kind enough to let me share a 15% Discount sitewide using the coupon code MAURICEHOLIDAY15 at checkout (valid until December 31st, 2023). Visit their website here!

But wait...

This is just the base foundational kit. I also have two jobs and depending on which job I'm working on any given day, the expanded carry changes and you can learn all about it in this video!


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