Maurice Moves - Thinking Cap

I'm Maurice!

Everything I create is focused around one single belief:

That the most important things for us to focus on, are the things we do and use every single day.

It's so easy to think of life's big exclamation points - the first career - the new car - the wedding day - the big vacation - but the things that have the biggest impact on our lives - our happiness - are the thoughts, actions, and tools that we actually employ each and every day.

We sleep every day, so investing in a fantastic mattress is where it's worth spending a lot of money.

We eat every day, so being conscious about how we fuel our bodies is where it's worth spending effort to optimize.

We work every day, so buying tools that enable us to do our jobs with as little friction as possible are the things that we should be spending time to carefully consider.

The mundane everyday - these are the seemingly boring sentences in life that enable us to experience those exclamation marks in the first place.

Optimize your everyday thoughts, actions, habits, and tools, and your life will improve exponentially.

Much love,

~ Maurice