SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool
SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool
SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool
SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool
SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool
SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool

SPEC-DNT - No-touch keyring tool

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CURRENT DROP LAUNCHED 11:00 A.M. December 31st 2023.

Last drop, we sold out in less than 8 hours, so if you see that it's sold out now, be sure to scroll alllll the way to the bottom of this page and put your email in to be notified of the next drop.

SPEC-DNT is me and Eric's take on a no-touch tool. Machined from premium naturally anti-microbial copper, I designed its shape to be hyper-functional yet beautifully unique. After they're cut, we toss them into a tumbler with some rocks to both smooth out the edges to deburr, but also, to offer the distressed look that kickstarts the patina that'll build over time of being in your hand and pocket.

Unlike other no-touch tools on the market, SPEC-DNT features an extra finger loop to enable you to do things like hanging onto transit poles without actually touching them.

I'm gonna be honest though - although I do use it to press things like elevator buttons, I mostly keep it on my keys because I think it looks cool, and because it makes a fun finger-spinning fidget toy.

Why you may NOT want SPEC-DNT:

Two Reasons: One - Folks have asked if the SPEC-DNT can be used as knuckle-dusters, lol, and if that was your intention, I regret to inform you that you'll injure your hand before you inflict damage on anyone (or anything) else. Brass knuckles require a palm spacer to ensure impact doesn't compress back onto your own fingers and SPEC-DNT doesn't have a palm spacer. Want to have something effective for self-defense? Go with a tactical flashlight with at least a 1,000 Lumen output (ideally with strobe for blinding disorientation), and a strike bezel if push comes to shove.

Two - SPEC-DNT is tumbled in media for 12 hours to "pre-patina" so that it ships with a vintage look. The reason for this is two-fold. First, smooth shiny copper will show unsightly scratches, especially since this is meant to be pocketed along with keys. Second, as copper is exposed to oxygen, it will oxidize, and pre-patina-ing ensures a more uniform appearance. In other words, there will be what appear to be scuffs, and otherwise "well-used" aesthetics, and this is by design to ensure that gorgeous vintage look as it's used for decades (see last photo which was taken in the most unflattering lighting to accentuate examples of pre-patina as much as possible). To be clear, scratches, small dings, and scuffs may be unsightly to you, but is considered normal and does not constitute a defect.

Note: Since I'm an independent creator, unfortunately, I don't have the bandwidth to process returns. Sales are final but of course, if you receive a defective product, I will ship you a replacement. That said, Eric and I personally inspect every single SPEC-DNT so that really shouldn't happen.

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